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Brown Butter: Ontario Strawberry, and Banana Crisp.


This granola is inspired by some of the top kitchens in France and is made with fresh seasonal strawberries and the classic flavor of beurre noisette. Our Ontario strawberries are picked at the peak of ripeness and combined with a delicious brown butter flavor, resulting in a unique and delicious granola that is perfect for those on a low carb or keto diet. This granola is also packed with healthy ingredients like fiber, protein, and healthy fats, making it a nutritious and filling breakfast or snack option. We hope you enjoy this new granola as much as we do!


Calories: 170 per bowl
Net Carbs: 3g
Protein: 4g
Fat: 16g

Net Carbohydrates: 1.5g


 Almonds, strawberries, Coconut flakes, citrus, fiber, Walnuts, erythritol, pepitas, banana, sunflower seeds, Sea salt, flax seeds, Natural Flavor, inulin, Sunflower Oil, cashews, Mixed Vegetables

Brown Butter: Ontario Strawberry, and Banana Crisp.


Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews

This stuff is so good that it’s hard not to just sit down and eat it all! My favourite way to have it and still be keto-friendly, is in a yogurt parfait. I use unsweetened and high protein, full-fat yogurt. Add some of this, and a few raspberries. So scrumptious!!! But definitely tasty enough to be eaten on its own, too.

tennille kitt
Delicious but …

Very good tasting, but there are not many banana and strawberry pieces at all. I poured a bowl and got one piece of each only. A little disappointed. I won’t order again for the price.

Manon Dufour

Brown Butter: Ontario Strawberry, and Banana Crisp.


Amazing texture and flavour.

Diane Schiefer
Tasty Brown Butter

Very good and tasty combined with yogurt or chia pudding or just alone with milk for breakfast. Low carbs for Keto follower.