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Why Michelin Star Quality Is Important For Keto Dieters

What Keto Dieters Need To Know About Michelin Stars

Michelin is the word that has been in everyone's mouth recently. If you’re not aware of what it means yet, Michelin is a French tire-making company. It also manages a prestigious rating system for restaurants in many countries.

Follow along to learn more about Michelin Stars and how important they are in the Ketogenic diet. 

What is a Michelin Star?

Michelin stars are considered the pinnacle of culinary achievement. They are to a restaurant what a black belt is to a martial artist.

Michelin Star

They are accolades awarded by the guide Mobil Guide (French: Guide Michelin) based on a complex set of criteria used to analyze the quality and value of cooking, décor, service, ambiance, and consistency of the food and the restaurant. 

How long have Michelin stars been around?

The European Guide to Restaurants and Hotels awarded the Michelin started in 1900. While there are publications that have existed for longer, the guide is different than any of them. Today Michelin is a leading network of travelers' recommendations across Europe and beyond.

The guide was initially developed to show French drivers where local restaurants and petrol stations were—or more precisely, where they were not. Travelers at that time might drive for hours without finding a place to eat. 

In 1926, thirteen guides covering 20 countries were awarded stars. Including three "Bib Gourmand" awards, they selected restaurants with extremely high-quality food at modest prices. Today Michelin is a leading network of travelers' recommendations across Europe and beyond.

How does a restaurant earn a Michelin star?

What makes a restaurant worthy of a Michelin star? Is it luxurious interiors, exceptional wine, or creative menus? No – it’s food. For a dining establishment to receive one of the coveted stars, inspectors must confirm that it’s serving the best possible food in its category.

Additionally, inspectors use these criteria to assess each restaurant:

  • Using high-quality produce
  • Employing chefs who have mastered culinary techniques
  • The food’s taste
  • Savoir-faire (the staff’s ability to do and say the right thing in any situation)
  • A consistently dining experience that is consistently excellent

How many Michelin stars are there?

There are 3 Michelin stars.

3 Michelin Star

A single Michelin star affirms an excellent standard of cooking ― it means that diners can expect a perfect meal prepared by chefs who know their craft well. Two stars denote outstanding cuisine where diners eat extremely well, often superbly. The top accolade is three Michelin stars: this means the restaurant enjoys exceptional cuisine and worth the journey for even the most discerning food lovers.

The Importance of Michelin Quality In Keto 

Using high-quality produce

Eating and using high-quality produce means the nutrient content in your meals will be higher. This allows you to get the maximum amount of fats and proteins needed for your keto diet. Additionally, this makes it easier to measure the number of carbs in your meal accurately. Farm Girl uses only the best and freshest produce to create our meals.

Chefs who have mastered the culinary  techniques

A meal is only as good as its chef. If your chef isn’t well versed in the techniques needed to prepare your meals properly, you may find yourself eating overcooked foods (or undercooked), which lessens the number of nutrients you can actually absorb from them. At Farm Girl, we use Michelin techniques from the top chefs to prepare each meal, so you get the highest nutritional value with every bite.

The taste of the food

It’s hard to stick to a diet when the food tastes like paper. Using fewer carbohydrates can limit your meals if you’re not creative and figure out how to get as much flavour as possible out of each ingredient. Farm Girl pays keen attention to details when it comes flavour and ensures each meal is so delicious that even the kids will want seconds.


A Michelin star is a hallmark of culinary excellence. They started as a guide for travelers in the 1900s to help them locate areas to dine and find mechanics if needs be. Over the years, it has evolved into a coveted award for restauranters. A restaurant has to meet a minimum of 5 criteria to be awarded a star. They can be awarded up to 3 depending on the quality of their food and service.

The nature of Keto dieting requires Michelin quality foods. This ensures the highest nutritional value is achieved for each meal. If you’re looking for delicious, high-quality meals that will make even your kids want extras, try Farm Girl’s meals today!