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Five Up-and-Coming Trends About Keto diets

Keto diets are all the rave these days. From success stories of amazing weight loss to avoiding other foods that cause discomfort, it’s really no wonder this diet has taken flight. Add the celebrity and influencer element, and you have the recipe for a real super diet. 

Though it may seem new to you, the keto diet has actually been around since the 1920s. Interestingly enough, this way of eating initially started as a way to treat severe epilepsy in infants and children. 

Is the keto diet losing popularity?

The diet regained popularity in recent years, but many have speculated that the keto diet would have just been another passing fad. The opposite, however, seems to be true. In fact, according to global data the keto diet was the most mentioned diet on social media for 2021. 

What are the newest food trends?

The keto diet isn’t the only food trend that has taken off in recent years. Here are five popular food trends that have emerged in recent times:

    1. Plant based diets - more and more people are removing meat from their diet. Plant-based diets focus on eating whole (little to no processing) foods, and having foods as natural as possible. 

    2. Vegan diets - The vegan diets completely eliminates meat and food from animals, including eggs, milk and cheese. This diet has seen more popularity in recent times, especially since there are more vegan options available for meat and food from animal substitutes.  

    3. Zero-waste foods - With increased concern for how plastics and other pollutants affect the environment, some have begun to challenge themselves to make little to no waste when buying and consuming food. This leads to a more organic diet, as you have to purchase food without packaging. 

      What's trending in keto?

      Here are the top 5 keto trends right now.

      1.-Keto bread - Do you remember at the start of the pandemic when there was a bread shortage in some areas? Well, this along with being stuck at home for weeks at a time started a homemade bread trend, and keto bread was not to be left out. 

      Keto bread is delicious, and allows you to enjoy bread without feeling guilty over the carbs and sugar. 

      2.-Keto granola bars - If you enjoy a good granola bar but recently made the switch to keto, fret not! Keto granola bars are divine, and give you the best of both worlds. Delicious taste, sugar-free while still sticking to your keto diet. Win win!3.-


      3.- Keto noodles - Italian, but make it keto? Yup, keto pasta noodles exist, and they are ready for your next pasta dish! The best part? With our noodle mix, you can make your own fresh keto pasta noodles from scratch! Follow along with our recipe to give it a try. 


      4.- Keto desserts - One of the concerns some people have when considering a keto diet are the sweet treats. If keto is a no-sugar diet, how can you enjoy all the delicious desserts you love? We understand the concern, but no need to worry. Keto desserts are just as decadent (if not better) than the desserts you’re used to. 

      Take for example our Devil’s Chocolate Cake mix or our Banana Caramel Loaf mix. Both derived from regular desserts you know and love, but in keeping with your keto-diet! 

      5.- Gluten-Free Loaves - Not to be confused with keto-bread, gluten-free loaves provide you with a soft, sweet or savory choice of loaf. Our Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf is an excellent choice! 

      If you are considering a diet change or adjustment, now would be a good time. With the growing trends and new food substitutes, the options are nearly endless.


      Photo by Total Shape on Unsplash